Second great Victory!

100KIAP Virtual Shipborne Fighter Aviation Regiment in DCS World

Second great Victory!


100KIAP team achieved another great victory in SATAL comeptition. Yesterday, 06/02/2019, our team won against AIRTAC in two great rounds.

But this victory has passed in the shadow of bad things do not have to happen. The lack of recognition of victory, the search for reasons for the annulment of the regular match, the appeal, although everything is clear and there is no doubt, is very sad and disappointing.

Why? And what happens?

Let’s see..
In first round 100KIAP has completely demolished AIRTAC flight (4*F15C). They literally disappeared from the sky very quickly while our team had no loss. All four F15C are down, so round is clear 1-0.

In second round after takeoff starts some server lagg and that is normal for DCS MP. We reported on it through the game chat. Another team answer that there is no that problem, so we continue flight. Suddenly after some time big freeze again and that caused collisions and damage in our flight. We call admin and report that and admin stop and reset the server. That decision for us is correct. If server not work, of course that need to be restarted (normal thing in DCS MP). But anyway, we talk on teamspeak (in restart time) with admin and AIRTAC pilot that complain. 100KIAP flight lead, Falcon, say in that conversation that is ok if that round technicaly is loss for KIAP and act as gentleman. But admin said, we will just restart and play again that round. That we do.

Second round… 100KIAP lose two aircrafts at the beginning of the fight and our two brave pilots (#86_Kraut and #77_BlackPixxel) are knightly continued to fight against the numerically superior enemy. In an unequal fight, 2vs.4 they managed to clear the battle zone from enemy planes and bring great victory to our team. Well done! Form our point of view this is great victory with 2-0 result. (best of 3 rounds).

But, although is evertyhing is clear AIRTAC team unsportsmanlike complains, they want to repeat the match although we have agreed to declare that controversial round technically with their victory and score final in that case will be 2-1. Very disappointing moments in this competition.

However, 2-0 or 2-1, this is great victory for 100KIAP team. Well done guys! Also we will be gentlemen and will show respect to our opponents with traditional: “Good fight! S!”.

Download: Official ACMI flight records


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