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Fanki 17
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Application from Fanki 17 - 100 KIAP

Post by Fanki 17 » 27 Apr 2020 23:03

A user, Fanki 17, has applied with the following information using the application form.
Real name: Fanki 17
Applying for: 100 KIAP
Reason for applying:
Iam looking for a flanker squadron because i dont rly know that much Flanker Pilots which are flying active this jet. Also is the Flanker B and D my favorite Module so it would be rly amwesome that i can fly with other ones which are flying it too. Before i heard of 100 KIAP i was teaching other Flanker Pilots about the whole plane it self and Systems etc.

Btw, sorry for the some spelling mistakes
Callsign: Fanki
Age: 16
Location: German, Stuttgart
ZULU Time zone: 2+
Time (Zulu) available for flights?: 1000-1800z
Flightsim experience: About 500h of playtime in dcs. In the sukhoi probably about 450.
Are you easily offended?: Nope
About yourself: My name is Marcel Funk and iam interested in planes a couple years now and started to play dcs a couple months now. Iam flying the Flanker because that fighter impresses me really and i probably wont change to an other aircraft. Iam also learning speaking russian because iam rly having problems with it but i undestand russian with no problems. Also, my english sounds sometimes rly stupid so sorry for that but it shouldnt be that bad. I would be rly happy if i can fly with you guys so cya.
N04. Lieutenant [Лейтенант]
N04. Lieutenant [Лейтенант]
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Re: Application from Fanki 17 - 100 KIAP

Post by BlackPixxel » 28 Apr 2020 13:30

Welcome to 100KIAP and thank you for your application!
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