Application from Archange

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Application from Archange

Post by Archange » 19 Aug 2019 18:50

Callsign: Archange
Name: Nick
Age: 27
Location: Pennsylvania
Flightsim experience: 9 months of DCS experience. 10 years of IL2 experience.

About yourself: I am Russian. I am fluent in Russian and English. I only play flight sims during my off time and enjoy Soviet / Russian history. My active times are usually during the week while I work weekends.

Why should we accept you: I am committed and very competitive. I have played competitively in several games, although not flight simulators, I have a competitive mind set on being the best, nothing less. I am open-minded and can listen very well. I think I would be a good asset to the squadron moving forward.

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N09. Colonel [Полковник]
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Re: Application from Archange

Post by Breakshot » 20 Aug 2019 05:32

Get your BSE done with Tek and lets work it from there!
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