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[IN PROCESS] Application from Zach - 100KIAP CADETS

Posted: 24 Jul 2019 00:46
by Kermit
A user, Zach, has applied with the following information using the application form.
Real name: Zach
Applying for: 100KIAP CADETS
Reason for applying:
I have an interest in adding to this squadron and flying as a team over flying by myself most of the time.
Callsign: Kermit
Age: 18
Location: Florida, United States of America
ZULU Time zone: -5
Flightsim experience: Various games from IL2 Sturmovik, Falcon BMS, and DCS.
Are you easily offended?: Negative
About yourself: I started teaching myself Russian at age 15 and it's worked moderately well so far, I started learning mainly because I found the politics interesting and didn't like not being able to understand the gauges in Russian aircraft.

Re: Application from Zach - 100KIAP CADETS

Posted: 24 Jul 2019 07:52
by Falcon
Welcome Zach!

Jump on our TS: and we will arrange your BSE (Basic Skill Evaluation) flight as standard procedure and the only condition for joining and starting training program in which your commitment to training and learning is very important.

Cya on TS! ;)