100KIAP Virtual Shipborne Fighter Aviation Regiment in DCS World

Grim Reapers vs 100KIAP footage from SATAL 2019

By courtesy of Grim Reapers sharing this amazing debriefing footage of theirs we can now show off 100KIAP performance in SATAL 2019 match against them. Very good commentary and camera work from the perspective of our adversary. Thank You, Grim Reapers!

Su-33 team on 1st place

Su-33 team on 1st place in group “C” completes the group phase of SATAL 2019. With 4 wins, 1 unexpected loss match and 12pts 100KIAP Gold Team has secured participation in the playoff. After unexpected defeat in match #4 against Wardogs we focus on our last match in group. Yesterday we flew against LO Greece…
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Second great Victory!

100KIAP team achieved another great victory in SATAL comeptition. Yesterday, 06/02/2019, our team won against AIRTAC in two great rounds. But this victory has passed in the shadow of bad things do not have to happen. The lack of recognition of victory, the search for reasons for the annulment of the regular match, the appeal,…
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51PVO & 100KIAP Regiment Command Announcement

There has been a reorganization in the 51st with the original founding members taking control of the squadron. Some of the newer pilots over the last few years have decided to break tradition and form NATO Aggressor Wing, the 64th. We wish them the very best in DCS! S! 51st PVO is now under one…
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Start with Victory!

In the 1st SATAL match our 100KIAP team won 2-1 against Viper squadron. Four Su-33 Flankers versus mixed formation of two F/A-18, one F-15C and F-14 Tomcat was interesting air battle. In first round 100KIAP without casualties shot down all four Viper’s fighters. Second round was poor airspace control by our team, the opponents punished…
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