100KIAP Virtual Shipborne Fighter Aviation Regiment in DCS World

100KIAP activities in a very active community

Being a dedicated multiplayer team on DCS World scene our members are engaged in these four core activities.

DCS Multiplayer Events

Because of our competitive spirit we participate in many events. So, we are always looking forward for even more action. Also, we are actively engaged in promoting multiplayer campaigns and realistic scenarios. In short, we enjoy in DCS MP. There is a lot fun above all.

100KIAP Internal Training Program

Training program is built upon over decade long experience. The goal is to ensure cadets can reach level of competence. As a result the expected level of readiness is reached. Most importantly, continuously maintained.

Squadron Challenges

We are always in the mood for competitions with other teams. For the reason that, challenge us. Certainly we will schedule a match. Visit our Squadron Challenges Board to know more.

Joint Training Program

Cooperation and trainings with other squadrons is always desirable. First of all, these trainings are good for tackling tactics. Similarly, applying our doctrine against different teams and vice-versa. So, let’s do it.

100 KIAP Early Warning & Control

Specialized 100KIAP EWC Division

We provide
airspace control for all your needs!

Ease of navigation is important in both physical and virtual space. Also reffered to as ATC/GCI or AWACS, our EWC officers support Regiment’s command and flight leaders with situation awarness, ensure coordination in joint operations, vector interceptions, provide early warning information and airspace control for safe operations.