51PVO & 100KIAP Regiment Command Announcement

100KIAP Virtual Shipborne Fighter Aviation Regiment in DCS World

51PVO & 100KIAP Regiment Command Announcement

There has been a reorganization in the 51st with the original founding members taking control of the squadron.

Some of the newer pilots over the last few years have decided to break tradition and form NATO Aggressor Wing, the 64th. We wish them the very best in DCS! S!

51st PVO is now under one roof with 100KIAP. Flight operations for both regiments are continuing as normal. So is the SATAL match schedule.

Further announcement will follow with more details.

Signed by:

<51> Teknetinium, <51>Frostie, Chimango, <51>Slutcher, <51P>Swordfish

[100☭] Breakshot , [100☭] Shamansky , [100☭] VARGAS, [100☭] Seetricks,

[100☭] Falcon , [100☭] Coxy , [100☭] Kraut , [100☭] BlackPixxel , [100☭] holimoli,

[100☭] Highway (P), [100☭] Miroo (P), [100☭] Rich (P),